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Our experienced staff, seasoned hunters all, will guide you in the proper selection of your hunting gear and supplies

We provide a well rounded experience to outdoor & hunting enthusiasts ​​of all shapes, sizes & experience levels.​
  • New Little hunter in the family?
  • Novice or Experienced?
  • Weekend Warrior or Guys Trip?
  • Family Hunting Trip?​​​​​​​​
Need help with any of these?
  • ​VT Hunting licenses
  • Hunting gear, equipment & supplies 
  • What's hot or what's not?

    ​We can help you with all of this and more........​
  • Allow our years of experience to work for you!​​​​​​
Game Hunting Supplies​
  • Fowl: Duck, Goose, Turkey
  • Game: Deer, Moose, Bear
  • Blinds, Calls, Scents & More.....​​​​
Drop in or give us a call to see how we can help you and your family gear up for the perfect hunting experience.​

Vermont Hunting Seasons

Youth Turkey Weekend​​, VT
Spring Turkey Hunting Season, VT
Black Bear Hunting Season, VT
Archery Moose Hunting Season, VT​​​
Archery Turkey Hunting Season, VT
Archery Deer Season, VT
Regular Moose Hunting Season
9 Day Shotgun - Bow & Arrow - Turkey Season 
16 Day Shotgun - Bow & Arrow - Turkey Season​​​​​
VT Youth Deer Hunting Season
Black Bear Hunting, Late Season
VT Rifle Deer Season
VT Muzzle Loader & Archery Deer Season
Raccoon Hunting Season, VT​​​
Red & Gray Fox Hunting Season, VT​
Ruffed Grouse Season, VT
Vermont Crow Season
VT Crow Hunting Season
Gray Squirrel Hunting Season in Vermont
Hare / Rabbit Hunting Season, VT

Migratory Bird Hunting Seasons, VT
  • Duck & Spring Snow Goose​
  • Canadian Geese, Snow Geese
For VT Hunting Season Dates please click on the following link: Vermont Fish & Wildlife Calendar
For Vermont Hunting  & Trapping Information - See Below
​Vermont Trapping Seasons
VT Mink Trapping Season​
Vermont Skunk Trapping Season​
Red & Gray Fox Trapping, VT
VT Raccoon Trapping Season
VT Coyote Trapping Season​​

VT Opossum Trapping
VT Weasel Trapping​​
Otter Trapping in Vermont
Beaver Trapping, VT
Muskrat trapping Season
Vermont Bobcat Trapping
Fisher Trapping in Vermont

               BIG GAME
​      REPORTING STATION​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Youth Hunting Weekend:

The Vermont Department of F &W sends up a biologist every year to educate the hunting youth!
48 Community Drive
Newport, VT 05860
(802) 334 - 6115​​